Bravo Squadron

ID: 7725

CommanderBehmski “Captain Comet”
Command TeamJ1337no “In Da Wae”
PhilTheViking “Sandman”
LordEros “Rock Dock”
Redneck Fletch “Phantom”
Cmdr “Britney” George
Motoblogger “Scoop”
Retro “Beta” ECHO
Brian “UI” o’Fish



“For dedication above and beyond in learning about our targets and singlehandedly taking on more interceptors in a 60 day period than the rest of us, l3ehemoth is dubbed “Florist”.”


Intrepid explorer and photographer CMDR Arch stanton73 graced us with so many wonderful game views during past expeditions including Lost Souls 2, he’ll forever be our “Hubble”.


To our cmdr Unknowngamer643, for always complaining about his lack of credits, but when offered help finding an excuse to back out; and for making the fatal error of requesting their callsign to not be dumb, it was determined to give the beautiful and unique callsign: “404”


During an AX hunting last night, our CMDR Scollee went to loo. While that isn’t by itself all that noteworthy, he took his headset with him and forgot to mute his microphone treating us to a solid eternity of his more private moments relieving himself. As such, it is with great relief, we forever bestow him with the callsign “Whizzard”.


Once upon a time, cmdr brianofish felt the need to elaborately and strongly vent his spleen in general discord chat, on the issue of game User Interface changes of a recent larger update having moved some minor buttons and stuff. This cmdr seems generally prone to User Irritated messages, from time to time. Feed snickers if you see that.


During a recent bout of dueling in between smashing thargoids, cmdr Dale Franks (the artist formerly known as Motoblogger) was overheard on comms cursing that his cargo scoop had been somehow deployed during the battle. Not once, but twice in two separate duels. So, from now on, he will be known as “scoop”


Our venerable brother Chaosxx93 blew up his Type-9 loaded to the brim with LTD’s in the mail slot. And heretoforeafter he shall for all time and forever be known as “GlitterBomb”


Power Pro Bro … is “ECHO” which stands for “Everyone Can Hear the Onomatopeia”. In party chat this guy can belch so loud it literally echoes. Every. Time.

Captain Comet

Behmski “Captain Comet” got his callsign at a time when he only made it into the game at the weirdest times, so his appearance was a surprising and rare event… like a comet’s.


Redneck “Phantom” Fletch earned his callsign for intense testing of ARC NC 327 “Ballz” fleet carrier capacity for receiving Biowaste… revealing himself to be a “Phantom Shitter”


Trying to give Cmdr “Pipboy” Scrubbs GB a run for his callsign is ta2dealer. Here’s his take on why he may be considered even more electrically challenged….:

“I always overload my pp and have to run certain modules off all the time so my dashboard is almost constantly on fire from overheating.

If I pull out the guns on my Vulture it instantly goes into life support unless everything but guns and engines is off.

Why’s that?”

Why is that? Well, Zeus is certainly not in your corner, for one….


No salad more savage than a Caesar salad. Yup, Green Squadron are an imaginative bunch…


Here’s Dread’s twofold explanation of the events that led him to his Billygoat-like nickname:

“Well, There’s a couple different reasons why I have it. So you’ll get both explanations.

The first: While out getting blueprints and parts for guardian modules, I ran out of ammo for my SRV, and proceeded to Kamikaze slam a sentinel. I was out with Behmski at the time.

The Second: While doing cargo runs with a couple of the guys, ARC included, I earned over a mil in fines for mail slot collisions because, and I quote: “I AM the larger vessel!””


Not knowing the difference between an apple and an orange netted Cmdr Gatecrasher6666 the tag “I.D.” after he spied a fellow Cmdr’s Anaconda in a photo and preceded to mention to the guy “My, what a nice Python you have!”

Another highly voted option was “Little Red Riding Hood”


Before changing his Gamertag, Cmdr_Neutron was known to friends as Cmdr deadmandave…. The story of how he became synonymous with the mighty Neutron Stars we revel at often goes something like this:

“I was doing a Community goal about 2 years or more ago. Shortly after I had joined the Fatherhood. Was hop scotching a Neutron string back and forth with mass amounts of Cargo in my first Annie the TFS Jorgmundr. One fateful hop to LHS 2337 a white dwarf . I dive to position to prep for superscoop. And get interdicted by two npc pirates and all three of us fell in. Shortly after they succumbed and burst. I tried to play it as cool as I could. Managed to get @arc on the horn for rescue. Still holding out as she sank. He arrived and tried to get me out and died too. 45 minutes later after numerous repairs and oxygen refills it was finally over. The TFS Jorgmundr had Sank”


A little back story: I was originally given the call sign Pibber, just to help differentiate me from another green squad member. Nothing special.

Anyways, I was running passengers out of Hauser’s Reach in Robigo for roughly $20 mil/run in my brand new Beluga, the TFS Discordia. I was nearing the end of a run with full cabins and a full bladder. So because I’m an uncivilized savage, when I dropped back into Hauser’s I set the ship to auto dock and ran to the bathroom to empty my bladder. What I failed to acknowledge was the fact that I had multiple wanted passengers onboard. I returned from doing my business and was greeted by the rebuy screen. My assumption is that I was scanned by some over zealous security officer and was blown to bits while my Beluga mindlessly attempted auto dock. That was a $20 mil (not including rebuy) pee break. I’ve been “Pee-Ber” ever since.


In the booze stenched words of the man himself:

Short story is I was going on my first long expedition out of the bubble. I had made 40+ jumps from Haj and scanned most systems on the way there. I had also found an undiscovered system which I was really excited about. It had taken me a long time and I was quite tired and had also had a few whiskeys. I decided I was going to land on a rock and call it a night, so I found a nice one that looked great for a photo. As I was coming in from the glide I saw an awesome crater which would have been perfect for the photo so I nosed it down to get on the edge. Gravity unfortunately took over and in my current intoxicated state I didn’t have the reactions to pull out of the dive and planted into the rock losing all my scanned data and a ton of credits on the re-buy 😂

I did manage to retrace my steps though as I wasn’t going to lose that undiscovered system. I saved it as squadron bookmark “Torortsville” 👍


This one harking to that most classic of failures, right up there with the bellyflop, the faceplant….

Seems Cmdr Razorsmile has been known to boost his ass straight into planets, asteroids, and anything else unlucky enough to find itself in his path “by mistake”…..

Two words my friend: Reset. Keybindings.

In Da Wae

J1337no has an uncanny ability to always find himself in the way at crucial times when winging up with fellow squadron members.

OK, had to edit this one after getting the lowdown from the man himself. Wanna hear it? Hear it go:

Well it’s actually 2 fold.

1. I have a very aggressive combat style. All my weapons are gimballed and I fly a Vette with all multicannons engineered for maxium dps. I also use my shielding as a weapon and tend to ram a lot. This is has caused me to run into wingmates more often than not because I either can’t see them or they happen to be turning to face the same target and I don’t notice it. I bump them fairly often.

2. Our deputy commander on Xbox had decided to go out mining. He had experienced the bump several times already. I also love to troll the guy so I flew out in my Vette to provide pirate protection. I decided that mining was dangerous and I didn’t want his ship being hit by rock fragments so I positioned myself between him and whatever rock he was trying to mine…purely for safety you understand.

Well, after doing this for about an hour he gave me the callsign.”

Safety first, my friend. Safety First.

Rock Doc

Funny, I just mentioned the mighty bellyflop in the last writeup…..huh, well here it goes:

“Well…a few random times I was seen on planet side landings belly flopping on the ground and blowing up. The signature one was after my 5k ly leg for Palin, and when I was landing at the site I hit the ground at 40m/s and blew up.

So rock doc…I take samples with my cockpit”
Who ever said “The right tool for the job”
pfft. Get Lost! says LordEros


Cmdr PhilTheViking’s story is one we all know all too well….

His wing mates noticed he had a nasty habit of falling asleep at the helm and winding up thousands of light years from where he was.

“Sandman” just kind of felt appropriate.


Short for “Peepants McBoogerballz”. Awarded as a punishment by Chief of Staff Jebediah for being a dick.

Seems to be some confusion amongst us editors here….

This used to read:
“Jeb is power mad and will abuse his authority if and when advantageous” as written by an unknown contributor….

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