Ship Selector

What ship should I purchase next?

This is a question that is frequently asked by The Fatherhood members.

The answer invariably depends on what you want to do with the ship. On this page, you will find three ship suggestions for all types of activity:

  • Budget – cheap, no engineering
  • Mid-range – up to 100m cr with engineering
  • Ultimate – 200m+ cr, fully-engineered.

Included for each ship is a link to the build in Coriolis.


Assassinations, Bounty Hunting, Combat Zones


A great entry-level ship to allow you to learn the basics of combat.

CMDR xxx

Alliance Chieftain

Fully engineered, this craft has great maneuverability and can hold its own against the bigger sips.

CMDR Randalph Roddleton

TFS Susan Sto Helit

Federal Corvette

For many, the pinnacle of space combat. Be prepared to pay a lot for the privilege…

CMDR 2plain1spicy

TFS Equus Pallidus


Jetting off to the farthest reaches of the galaxy

Diamondback Explorer

Super-cheap, with an excellent jump range. It’s small size makes planetary landings very easy

CMDR xxx

Krait Phantom

Since its release in 3.3, the Krait Phantom has quickly become a favourite of the exploration community, taking over from the AspX.

CMDR Randalph Roddleton

TFS Lu Tze’s Broom


Fully engineered, this ship has the largest jump-range of all ships, making it perfect for extreme distance exploration.

CMDR “Ice Man” Azzbo27

The Jumpaconda


Gotta haul them all!

Type-6 Transporter

Good, cheap entry-level transport ship.

CMDR xxx


The medium size of this ship makes it the ultimate hauler between outpost stations.

CMDR xxx

Imperial Cutter

Highest cargo capacity ship money can buy, and georgous-looking too.

CMDR xxx


Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho...


Let's go squish some bugs!

Cobra Mk III

CMDR “Breathless” Boostrap


Krait Mk II

CMDR Behmski

TFS Grizzly


CMDR “Moneybags” Firestorm659

TFS Call of the Void

Passenger Services

From taxi service to tourism


CMDR Sloth Peralta

TFS Psnger Porpoises


Test your combat skills against other commanders


CMDR 2plain1spcy

TFS Target Practice

Fun Ship Builds

Fun builds that don't quite fit anywhere else...


Never underestimate the versatility of the Keelback. Fighter bay? Yes please!

CMDR xxx


Built for speed, this ship can top 932m/s…

CMDR SparkStorm

Dolly Delux