On this page are a number of links that will help answer some of the frequent engineering questions that you may have.

Unlocking Engineers

In this section are all the necessary details you need to unlock the various different engineers.

Useful Materials Locations

There are some locations in the Galaxy that provide a reliable bounty of certain materials. In these locations, re-instancing will refresh the available materials for you to keep gathering.

Dav’s Hope

Your local materials supermarket!

The following materials are available:

Very Common Common Standard Rare
Salvaged AlloysGalvanising Alloys
Phase Alloys
Grid ResistorsHybrid Capacitors
Electrochemical Arrays
Polymer Capacitors
Chemical Processors
Chemical Distillery
Chemical Manipulators
Conductive Components
High Density Composites

Conductive Ceramics
Conductive Polymers
Flawed Focus Crystals
Focus Crystals
Refined Focus Crystals
Heat Conduction WiringHeat Dispersion Plate
Heat Exchangers
Heat Vanes
Mechanical ScrapMechanical EquipmentMechanical Components
Configurable Components
Worn Shield EmittersShield EmittersShielding Sensors
Compound Shielding

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Experimental Effects

Some experimental effects can be more effective than others.