Want to join The Fatherhood?

If you wish to join The Fatherhood, then we ask that you first read the Code of Conduct.

Starting the application process is treated as confirmation that you have read and agreed to the Code.

You can join The Fatherhood in 3 easy steps:

  • Inara
  • Squadron
  • Discord

If you haven't already done so, then create a profile on Inara and submit a join request for The Fatherhood squadron.

We use the squadron management functionality in Inara to manage The Fatherhood, and applications to in-game squadrons, private groups and Discord are only approved if there is a matching Inara profile.

We have squadrons set up in-game for you to join up and find new wing members to wing up with.

The platform-specific squadrons are as follows:

PS4: The Fatherhood | 7725

PC (General): The Fatherhood - Alpha | 7725 (Now closed)
PC (General): The Fatherhood - Charlie | 7727
PC (Exploration): The Fatherhood - Pioneers | 7726

XBox: The Fatherhood - Beta | 7725

Many of our members are active on our Discord server, which is a place both for social chat but also for asking advice. Come and introduce yourself to your fellow wing members!