Wing Council

Wing Council are the group of individuals who are responsible for all the strategic decisions concerning the wing, as well as external stakeholder engagement.

Wing Council is comprised the following:

  • Squadron Leader for each of the 3 platforms
  • Chief of Staff
  • Head of Operations
  • Non-Executive

The Wing Council is lead by the Wing Commander, who has overall veto for any decision, and is supported by a Deputy Wing Commander. Both of these roles are selected from one of the three Squadron Leaders.

At times, additional non-executive members may be appointed to Wing Council as circumstances require.

Responsbilities of Wing Council include the following:

  • Positively contributing towards and defending the culture of The Fatherhood
  • Approval of the Code of Conduct
  • Approval of the recruitment and membership policy
  • Approval of overall Faction Simulation strategy executed by the Operations Team
  • Approval of new members of Wing Command
  • FInal authority on all disciplinary matters
  • Engagement of key external stakeholders, such as FDEV and other noteable player groups.
  • Administration of Wing social media accounts, including Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the website
  • Sourcing and selling of any merchandise

Squadron Leaders

  • Blue – TK7725 (Wing Commander)
  • Red – Randalph Roddleton (Deputy Wing Commander)
  • Green  – ARC NC 237

Chief of Staff

  • Jebediah

Head of Operations

  • Azzbo27


  • Rutger
  • Spidey002
  • Andy Graham

Wing Command

Wing Command are thre group of individuals who are responsible for managing the operational aspects of the WIng.

The membership of Wing Command is reflective of the relative size of each platform in the whole Wing.

Responsbilities of Wing Command include the following:

  • Reviewing and accepting new membership applications
  • Providing advice, guidance and support to members
  • Acting as a first point of escalation for any grievances / disciplinary claims

Red Squadron

  • Drazkul
  • Talon180
  • bootstrap
  • doomeddonut
  • Andy (Gizoux)
  • Sloth Peralta

Blue Squadron

  • Phantom_rw
  • Soantii
  • Crzyrazr
  • JRyde

Green Squadron

  • J1337no
  • LordEros
  • PhilTheViking