Hall of Fame

This page contains a list of records, champions, and other worthy mentions from across the members of The Fatherhood!

General Awards

The "Oh, FFS!" Award

The "I've been a good boy, honest!" Award

The "Money Can't Buy Happiness, But It Can Buy Me A Boat" Award

Exploration Awards

Galacitc Extremes

The Drazkul Challenge

Land a T9 Transporter with a full cargo hold of Biowaste on Achenar 3 (6.73 G) https://s.orbis.zone/h-c

  1. CMDR “Ice Man” Azzbo27 (FA/off)
  2. Drazkul
  3. CMDR “Rebuy” Soantii
  4. David “All-Star” Arnold 

2018 Pride of PVP Cup

  1. Talon180

The Bucky Ball

Fastest time from Hajangai to Beagle Point

  1. Drazkul
    13 Hours & 45 Minutes (non-Neutron Highway route)
    6 hours & 13 minutes (Neutron Highway route)

The Bluest Falcon Award

Most expensive “friendly fire” incident

Green Squadron (XBOX)

J1337no “In Da Wae”  rammed my cutter with his Ieagle after I had entered the station. He blew up rather unceremoniously and as I was the last thing in this life to touch the Ieagle, the station assumed I killed him 25.8 Mil credits later I wound up at a detention center And he was laughing and laughingARC NC 327 “Ballz”