About Us

What We Do

We are a large community-focused group for all the Elite Dangerous pilots out there who schedule their gaming time around their families or careers. Dads, mums, husbands, wives, busy career professionals – you will find a home with us.

The Fatherhood is aimed at bringing together pilots so we can wing up and explore the galaxy together, take part in community events, haul cargo, and go mining or bounty hunting safe in the knowledge that we will look out for one another and more importantly, have some fun and make new friends.

We play in Open, Solo, and Private Groups, and have members across all time zones ready to wing up. We welcome pilots of any skill level, from any platform, all you need is a ship.

Our Activities

As a wing, we participate in many of the pilot roles available throughout the galaxy, making sure we can be called upon to help out whenever and wherever we are needed.


The Fatherhood counts many explorers among our ranks, and we actively participate in community expeditions and deep space exploration.

Bounty Hunting

We often wing up for bounty hunting in Resource Extraction Sites, helping each other to earn credits and practicing our combat skills.


The bread and butter of credit making, we love to haul the goods


We enjoy winging up to bust rocks, and if mining is not your thing, you can fly fighter escort to protect the mining ships.

Pleiades Sector Operations

With the re-appearance of the Thargoids, we are conducting SAR and repair efforts in the Pleaides Sector, as well as classified operations.


Our wing has plenty of luxurious passenger vessels, and we enjoy flying the rich and (in)famous around the galaxy.

Freelancer/Space Cowboy/Anything else

Some of our pilots just go their own way, keeping to the wing code and enjoying the freedom that a starship brings.  

Our Organisation

To take advantage of the Squadrons functionality within E:D, our wing is structured by platform into three squadrons:

Blue Squadron

Blue Squadron is the home to our PS4 members.

Red Squadron

Red Squadron is the home to our PC and Mac members.

Green Squadron

Green Squadron is the home to our XBox members.