Imperial Cutter


Ship SizeHardpoints
Large1H, 2L, 4M
GoodNot Good
The king of trading and cargo transport. Good at laser mining too.The most expensive ship in the game.
Enormous shields and high straight ahead speed.Maneuverability is terrible both in supercruise and normal space.
Nothing can mass lock you, and you can mass lock anyone.Can do combat, but poor turning, no brakes, and undersized distributor hold it back.
Basking ability is the highest in the game.Beware Reverberating Cascade Torpedoes.
Tank and spank in combat.
It’s a really good AX ship.

Role Ratings

AX CombatIdeal
AX SupportDoable
Bulk TradeIdeal
Core MiningDoable
CZ Combat (PvE)Viable
Laser MiningViable
Mats CollectorDoable
Passenger BoatDoable
PvP CombatDoable
RacingDoable as long as there’s no turning.
Rares TradeViable
Res/CNB Combat (PvE)Viable
Search and RescueDoable