Lost Souls 2 Act 1 – Waypoint 4

Guardian ruins - Skaudai sites

System name

Skaudai AM-B d14-138

Planet AB 7 A

Distance to waypoint



This system contains the first Guardian ruins discovered in the Scutum-Sagittarii Conflux.

Guardian history tells of “Exiles”, who were banished when religious orders took over their society. The unexpected discovery of the ruins in the Skaudai sector has lead to speculation among xenohistorians as to wether these out of the way locations could be the final resting place of these exiles (source).

Expedition Base Camp

The base camp for this waypoint will be the Guardian Ruins Site 68.

POI’s Along the Way

Rusty Net – A visually striking planetary nebula along the Colonia Connection Highway. The neutron star at its center provides a welcome boost to long-distance travel, but taking a pause from your journey to admire the view is well worth it. The deep-red stellar remnant, aptly named “The Rusty Net,” has caught within it a G-class secondary with two life-bearing water worlds and two rocky terraformables.

Ellaisms Remnant – A typical double-lobed blue planetary nebula surrounding a neutron star, the result of a supernova approx. 296 million years ago. Life has managed to survive through this cataclysm; the fourth planet is a life-filled water world.

Collection of Wonders – One of the most extraordinary systems in the entire galaxy. It contains two black holes, a ringed M-class star, a ringed white dwarf, and a ringed neutron star. The M-class star is one of the largest known stellar bodies containing a ring system. A tourist beacon is set up near the M-class star.

Galactic Helium Reserve – A twin Herbig Ae/Be system that contains a record 23 Helium-rich gas giants. As of 09/02/2019 this is the single largest known collection of helium-rich gas giants. Discovered by The Fatherhood’s very own Leesti.

Guardian Sites - Locations

  • Type: Beta 1
  • Orbital Body: AB 7 A
  • Coordinates: -37.81 / 10.48
  • Type: Gamma 1
  • Orbital Body: AB 7 A
  • Coordinates: -49.67 / -69.62
  • Type: Gamma 2
  • Orbital Body: AB 7 A
  • Coordinates: -37.82 / 10.50

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Lost Souls 2 Act 1 – Waypoint 3

Conflux Abandoned Settlements

Distance to waypoint



In late 3302, Alessia Verdi, a commander associated with the enigmatic CMDR Salomé, set up an exploration community goal on behalf of the Children of Raxxla. The goal was to retrieve and analyze as much survey data as possible from three specific regions. Those regions being the Formidine Rift, The Scutum-Sagittarii Conflux, and Hawking’s Gap (Lin-Shu Hollow).

On analysis of the data, CoR Intel discovered the location of several navigational beacons in each region, that in turn provided the planetary location of several settlements.

These settlements turned out to be staging posts for a mysterious ‘Dynasty Expedition’ that had traversed the location three decades earlier and had set up bases there.

Expedition Base Camp

The base camp for this waypoint will be the Conflux Beta Site.

POI’s Along the Way

Huygens’ Ringworld – an Icy Planet located in outer ring of Class 1 Gas Giant, with deep canyons, amazing views, and plenty of geological points in the form of water geysers.

NGC 6629 – this nebula’s white core is a Wolf-Rayet star that is surround by a halo of blue and purple nebular gas. A solitary Class III gas giant orbits the star at a distance of over 11,000 light seconds.

Eagle Nebula – a small-medium sized nebula situated within the Sagittarius arm, approx. 7,000 LYs from Sol. The Eagle Nebula contains scores of tightly packed young F5 class stars, making it a hotbed of scientific research for short-range exploration vessels.

Al-Qūhī Oasis -Not only does this system feature a rare triplet of earth like worlds, but the three planets orbit close enough to be mutually tidally locked, and all three skirt the lower limits of mass and temperature for Earth-like habitability. 

Conflux Abandoned Settlements - Locations

 Pru Aescs TY-J A64-1

  • Beacon around: 1 (transmits each hour on :00)
  • Alpha settlement on: 3 -66.47, -56.13

Pru Aescs HW-S B31-2

  • Beacon around: A (transmits each hour on :15)
  • Beta settlement on: CD1 -7.2989, -35.9180

Pru Aescs OI-K A64-0

  • Beacon around: 1 (transmits each hour on :30)
  • Gamma settlement on: 1A 64.2, 74.4

Pru Aescs NC-M D7-192

  • Beacon around: A2A (transmits each hour on :45)
  • Delta settlement on: A3A -53.36 -48.91

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Lost Souls 2 Act 1 – Waypoint 2

Omega Nebula

Distance to waypoint



The Omega Nebula is a blue, red and purple nebula located in the constellation Sagittarius at a distance of app. 5.500 LY from Earth. It is a low-density cloud of partially ionized gas which spans some 15 light-years in diameter and has a mass of an estimated 800 solar masses.

Expedition Base Camp

Planet AB 1 A
Surface Signal: Geological [2]
-36.09, -21.47 (X marks the spot…)

POI’s Along the Way

Omega Mining Operation – an asteroid base  located on the edge of the Omega Nebula. The Operation is run by the independent Omega Mining Corporation, and the facility has a total population of 15,000. The facility has all the usual services and even has outfitting with a small supply of modules for purchase.

NGC 6445 – This planetary nebula is red-and-green, lit by neutron star CSI-20-17462 and two T-Tauri protostars. A single landable body provides rest and sight-seeing for the weary traveller.

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Lost Souls 2 Act 1 – Waypoint 1

Mount Wesley

System name

Smojai IT-P d6-2

Distance to waypoint



Mount Wesley is a 30km-high peak sticking out of a small green moon orbiting a blue gas giant. The moon is covered in jagged mountain ranges and is ideal for SRV mountaineering and sightseeing. It takes approximately 5 minutes to jump from the peak of Mount Wesley to its base in an SRV.

POI’s Along the Way

Cycladia – a rare earth-like world with double ring system.

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Lost Souls 2 – Mass Launch Times

To celebrate the start of the Lost Souls 2 expedition this coming Saturday, we are inviting expedition members to join us for two mass jumps as follows:


26th Oct | 20:00 UTC
26th Oct | 21:00 BST
26th Oct | 22:00 CEST

North America

26th Oct | 17:00 PST
26th Oct | 20:00 EST
27th Oct | 00:00 UTC

The mass jumps will take place outside Schwann Port in the Hajangai system, and will be coordinated within dedicated Private Groups. We ask that any members looking to join the mass jumps:

  • Submit Private Group applications no later than 1 hour before launch so that they can be accepted in time:
  • Log on and be present in the Hajangai system 30mins before the departure time so that we can ensure we get as many commanders in the same instance as we can!

If you have any questions prior to departure then please drop in to our Discord server.

Lost Souls Expedition 2

A year after the first Lost Souls expedition set off in such of the mysterious Zurara starship,  we are please to announce that a second Lost Souls expedition will launch!

The ethos the expedition is to provide explorers of all abilities the opportunity to venture out into the galaxy while having a blast doing so. Equally as important as seeing some incredible sights is meeting up each week with your fellow expedition members for a bit of fun and general social!

For more information about the expedition, including how to register, then please click the button below!

New PC Exploration Squadron

7726: The Fatherhood - Pioneers

With the increasing growth in members in our PC squadron, we have now implemented a second squadron dedicated to explorers: The Fatherhood – Pioneers.

We are encouraging all members currently in the main PC squadron who are mostly explorers to leave and join this squadron. There are two reasons for this:

  1. To consolidate all of our PC explorers into a single community;
  2. To create space in our main squadron to allow new members to join and to benefit from the experience and knowledge of our existing members.

Building a presence in Colonia

In conjunction with the new squadron, we are also looking to build a community of The Fatherhood members out in Colonia. Not only is Colonia an excellent staging post for deep galactic exploration, but as an organisation, The Fatherhood is keen to start contributing in a positive way to the development of this small but important community.

To this effect, TolaGarf’s Junkyard has been selected as the Colonia base of operations for the Pioneers, and I myself have started out on the 22kly journey to our new home. I look forward to seeing some of you there!


We are delighted to announce a new range of merchandise is now available! Mugs, t-shirts, water bottles – check out our new Merchandise page for more details.

One Year in Hajangai…and Merchandise!

Hajangai...our home for a year!

On 26th April 3304, The Fatherhood arrived in Hajangai. This was a milestone day: finally, The Fatherhood had somewhere that it could call home. After coming to *ahem* agreements with the other factions in the system, The Fatherhood secured control of the system, and with it the stations Lee Orbital and Schwann Port.

Over these past 12 months, we have gone from strength-to-strength, and as our way of saying thank you, we have a special treat for our members and supporters…


Who wouldn’t want a personalised The Fatherhood mug? Or a t-shirt?

We’ve secured a supplier for some mighty fine personalised merchandise. More details can be found on our new merchandise page!

This Weekend: the Pup Cup!

This weekend, two of our members – Azzbo27 and Crzyrazr – will be taking part in a very special race: the Pup Cup!

Start: Hajangai, home of The Fatherhood.

End: Beagle Point, at the furthest northern fringe of the Galaxy.

The winner will simply be the one who arrives first!

Azzbo27 Krait Phantom (Outotz LS-K d8-3)

1,658.44 ly
Hajangai50%Beagle Point(63,688.72 ly)

Crzyrazr Fer-de-Lance (Pru Aescs HW-S b31-2)

9,220.41 ly
Hajangai50%Beagle Point(56,126.75 ly)

It's all for charidee, mate!

During their race, Azzbo27 and Crzyrazr are looking to raise money for charities close to their heart:

Azzbo27 – CALM

Crzyrazr – DBSA

Anybody wishing to donate money to these very worthwhile causes can do so through the dedicated gofundme site.

Watch the Race Live

Both CMDRs will be streaming their efforts live on twitch: