Stafford Terminal Fully Operational

It is with great pride that we can announce the first successful repair of #OperationDuctTape!

On Thursday 15th March 3305, repairs were completed and Stafford Terminal in the Flech system was brought back online. The repair required over 480,000 tonnes of materials to be sourced and delivered, some more challenging than the others.

On behalf of Wing Council, I’d like to thank each and every commander that supported this repair effort – it is a genuinely humbling example of what a community can achieve if they work together!

Thanks to CMDR Gizoux for the photos.

Operation #DeliverDuctTape – Weil Station, Kunuvii

The next station targeted for repair under Operation #DeliverDuctTape by The Fatherhood has been announced: Weil Station in the Kunuvii system.

At just over 44ly from Hajangai, we are calling on all members of The Fatherhood to haul much-needed materials to facilitate repairs.


Stafford Terminal – all materials delivered!

It is with great pride that we can announce that 100% of the materials required by Stafford Terminal have been delivered!

This has been an overwhelming show of support by members of The Fatherhood, for which we are extremely grateful. The repairs can now commence, and we look forward to the station changing status to fully operational on Thursday 14th March 3305.

Given the support Operation #DeliverDuctTape has received, The Fatherhood is planning to provide ongoing support to Operation IDA by always having a nominated station that members can choose to support.

Support Operation IDA

Today, The Fatherhood has announced a new initiative to support the station repair work being coordinated by Operation IDA.

Thargoid incursions are taking place throughout the Bubble, and one of the affected systems – Flech – lies very close to The Fatherhood space. The damage done to Stafford Terminal is causing ripples throughout this part of space, and so The Fatherhood is calling upon its members to contribute towards the repair efforts.

Current estimates place the materials requirements at 620,000 tonnes.

For members of The Fatherhood, a specific Inara mission can be found here.