27 Apr 2020

A little back story: I was originally given the call sign Pibber, just to help differentiate me from another green squad member. Nothing special.

Anyways, I was running passengers out of Hauser’s Reach in Robigo for roughly $20 mil/run in my brand new Beluga, the TFS Discordia. I was nearing the end of a run with full cabins and a full bladder. So because I’m an uncivilized savage, when I dropped back into Hauser’s I set the ship to auto dock and ran to the bathroom to empty my bladder. What I failed to acknowledge was the fact that I had multiple wanted passengers onboard. I returned from doing my business and was greeted by the rebuy screen. My assumption is that I was scanned by some over zealous security officer and was blown to bits while my Beluga mindlessly attempted auto dock. That was a $20 mil (not including rebuy) pee break. I’ve been “Pee-Ber” ever since.