Green Squadron

Green Squadron is the home of our XBox One commanders.

Squadron Commander
  •  ARC NC 327
Deputy Squadron Commander
  • PowerProBro
Squadron Command:
  • PhilTheViking
  • LordEros
  • J1337No

Squadron Callsigns

"Green callsigns are real callsigns"
ARC NC 327
Squadron Commander

Short for “Peepants McBoogerballz”. Awarded as a punishment by Chief of Staff Jebediah for being a dick.

LPA: Power Pro Bro noted that one of his wing mates, who was preparing to land, had extended his “landing pad arms”.

ECHO: Recently after Power Pro Bro joined The Fatherhood and started flying with us, he burped into the mic loud enough that it echoed off of everyone else’s mic.

J1337no has an uncanny ability to always find himself in the way at crucial times when winging up with fellow squadron members.

No salad more savage than a Caesar salad. Yup, Green Squadron are an imaginative bunch…