Blue Squadron

Blue Squadron is the home of our PS4 wing members.

Squadron Commander
  •  TK7725
Deputy Squadron Commander
  • Azzbo27
Squadron Command:
  • Phantom_rw
  • Soantii
  • Jryde
  • CrzyRazr

Squadron Callsigns

"Callsigns are based on merit, pure and simple. Except mine, that was pure vengeance I think."
Cmdr "PingingUsOff" Ezeri
Lost Souls Expedition Leader

Awarded for successfully completing the Drazkul Challenge despite coming under fire from an unfriendly NPC. Kept his cool all the way down, earning him a more favourable callsign in the process…

Phantom has an uncanny ability to manage wing source missions. Directing cmdrs to locations based on capacity and setting up for the next wing mission. As a side note, legend says you can hear his abacus and the squeaks of his whiteboard throughout the decks of Schwan Station.

Awarded for the many comical ways in which he has destroyed his ship. Total insurance payouts exceed 200m, and Soantii also has a healthy dislike of <scream> dwarfs.

On an expedition to the centre of the galaxy, CMDR Jryde was unable to locate, and thus plot a route to Sagittarius A*. It was subsequently established that CMDR Jryde had excluded “non-sequence stars” from his star type navigation filters.

Given for his propensity to gently nudge other CMDR’s in a wing, usually causing damage to both ships.

At the start of the Lost Souls expedition, Dillster70 decided he wanted to emulate the lead ship of the mass jump, by firing his beam laser at the target system. Sadly, his laser was turreted, he had the lead ship targeted and he was in Schwann Port’s no-fire zone…

While preparing his ship for the forthcoming Lost Souls expedition, gibby2008 fully engineered an E-Rated FSD to Gr5 Increased Range.

Filled with hubris from the rampant obsession by Blue Squadron with callsigns, Ezeri volunteered himself as the callsign Guru. This suggestion was widely-mocked, and ARC NC 327 “Ballz” proposed the shorter “Goo” as punishment.

High Tides was because one night he was slightly inebriated and when he gets that far along he sounds like Stallone in “Rocky”. Doc, HighTide and I doing a wing mission that night…he was really into the sauce and he had the last of the cargo to complete the delivery mission…he may or may not have passed out for a few minutes before he finally delivered the cargo” – CMDR “Logistics” Phantom_rw

“Let’s see…Wyngate got his C/S the first time he flew with me…he was in a Chieftain showing off, Green engine effects, tried to do a corkscrew manoeuvre into Schwann Port and slammed full speed into the side of the station…hence the C/S Splat…like a bug on the windshield.” – CMDR “Logistics” Phantom_rw